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Two awesome tracks from Trae’s album “Tha Truth”

Spent my whole Sunday chilling in bed and on the sofa with friends and eating way to much junk. But hay, after ones birthday its allowed!

Later on tonight when everybody had left i had to clean my apartment and had to put on some chill tunes, prowled Facebook for a second before i put on my SoundCloud. Came across this one post on my feed that had some insane special effects makeup on it, like blood and gore and stuff.

The post belonged to this girl i got acquainted with via some friends passing through a party. From what i can gather she is an amazing artist that does makeup for models and famous people. Sometimes she also posts pretty insane special effects makeup. Can check her Instagram here:

#tb #spfxmakeup #majkarin

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Initially what caught my attention is the makeup. But i stayed for the music. The track she had in the background was Trae’s album “Tha Truth” and the track “Doin Me” I didn’t catch it at first, but i recognised Trae’s signature voice and style.

From the album these two tracks caught my attention and are dope as fuck!