January top five tracks so soothe

Top five tracks – January 2016

Its a new year but we are keeping up with the same format as 2015. Here are my top five favourite tracks for January 2016!

First of i would like to start with the track i found last, and its Caskey with “Cadillac” This track just speaks too me somehow, i can’t really relate to it but it has everything that i look for in a track. Its mellow, great hook, chilled out beat and just overall a good artist. Cant really find a downside for this track.

Next track is by an artist i was sure I would never like after I heard his first song. And yes, it’s Young Thug. I really don’t like his track “lifestyle” but I’m glad he has worked on his craft and now people are actually able so understand what he is actually saying, somewhat at least. Anyway, I love this track because it reminds me of a certain special someone that has left me as of late. The track is called “Hey I” and is just mellowed out just like I like it.

Next up is a track that i a step up emotionally and is my go to happy song lately. It has some bad as electric guitar riffs in there that are pure awesomeness. I used to listen to if while jogging since it always manages to pump me up! The track is created by SMLE this is short for smile i guess and the track is called “Every Chance You Get

While we are in the mood for something happy and extraordinary good. Next up we have Le Boeuf with his remake of a classic track. Le Boeuf has pulled of something few dare even try let alone actually succeed doing. He has taken a world wide favourite and improved up on it making a track that may not be as legendary, but sure as hell not bad! He has retouched Warren G‘s “Regulate” featuring Nate Dogg.

Finishing this months top five tracks i felt like adding a track that really does bring comfort to my soul. The young Norwegian producer Jerry Folk offers up a brand new original called “To My Soul.” The undeniably smooth track exhibits the artists wide-ranging skill set, as he keenly creates a soulful electronic mellowed out track.

Thats it for January! Feel free to check out the rest of the 35 tracks found during the past month form more awesome music! All available in the right sidebar!



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