September Playlist

September is behind us and below we will be selecting five of our favorite tracks from the playlist we have gathered.  The Playlist itself contains 74 songs in total! You can find it on the right hand side in the sidebar. For mobile users, it will be at the bottom!

Seems like we have not yet to have a playlist without TEEMID. This month is no different! TEEMID’s take on Latch has had me mesmerized since the start of September!

Next up we have Leave for many perhaps an unknown artist but none the less a great DJ. His remix of Madeline Juno‘s “Sympathy” touched me right in the feelz the first time i heard it. Just amazing!

Third up we got a remix of the famous “Faded” by ZHU. This remix is one of my favorites of this track, there have been many, but ODESZA really took it to another level with his version of it.


There has never been a lot of hip hop involved in these monthly playlists, but i am willing to make and exception regarding this track. I cannot resist the temptation to move around or boop my head whenever i hear this track. Hounded featuring Beau Young PrinceSay My Name” is just awesome!


To round the top five tracks we got NEUS‘s remix of “Fall In Love” by Phantogram. Nothing else to do then to fall in love with this track!

From a totally of 74(!) songs, to choose only 5 is a very difficult task. And i am sorry not to list up every and single one, because they all are truly great and deserve so much more listens and attention. The Full playlist is in the sidebar to the right, so listen and enjoy!


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