November Playlist

Finally. November is over. I should really appreciate this month, which i was born in. But here in Norway, it freaking sucks. Its dark when you leave home for work, and its dark when you get home from work. The whole month is basically like walking in you sleep. Hate it, good thing we got good music to get us through the rough and dark times. 🙂

November as any other month has given us a lot of good music never the less. So here are some of my top picks from November.

First of we go to the man everybody hates a little and might just be a bit sick of. Since he released of “Happy” with Pharrell has been played everywhere around the world. Not once, or twice, but a gazillion times, also why so many have come to the point of wishing to throw up when they hear the song called “happy”. Anyway, here we have him in a somewhat jiggy track remixed by Prizm, its his “Gust of Wind” remixed by Prizm.

When i first heard Ryan Hemsworth’s “Snow in Newmark” i instantly fell in love with it, i really enjoy the original, but i also digg this remix by Chet Porter. He gives a little facelift and some oompfh!

Next up we got some Hip-Hop with P. Reign featuring Drake and Future, with “Drunk and Fuck“. I like this track because its catchy and mellow, like almost everything related to OVO XO.

Another track that has a somewhat “November feel” to it is “Drop the game” by Flume & Chet Faker.

To end of the November list ill take a somewhat happy track, at least more uplifting than the above 🙂 Anyway, its Laurel with her amazing vocals, the track is called Shells remixed by Durante.

The complete playlist can be found in the right sidebar for one and all to enjoy.

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