November Playlist

And he is back again!

I tend to be pretty quiet in November for some reason and that is for the most part also the reason there has not been abundance of posts this month. Anyway, there have been some tracks so i will just share a couple of them for now.

One track that has been playing quite alot in my head in November is “GrandtheftSummer In The Winter (feat. Fantastic Modern)” Its just a mellow and chill track i vibe out to and don’t really have many thought on my mind.

Following up the chill vibe i have Eric Dingus. Now i have postet the two tracks in single posts the past month, but they are just such good examples of what i love. Good tracks, remixed and mellowed out too soothe me just perfectly. The one i will share is Meek Mills “On The Corner” which is quite a hard track, but Eric has mellowed it out and given it that special touch.

I can’t resist. Here is the other one, its The Weeknd with “Often

Stepping it up a bit we have a track i stumbled upon from Rick Ross “RozayAmazing Grace” It is that typical mellow rap from Rozay that we have grown to love, just a laidback from the slimmed down Rick Ross!

Last but not least we have Mazde with “Spreewaldplatz” a bit up tempo track that oddly enough is quite chill 🙂

I have been doing this for a while now, and i am not geetting sick of it. I will try and follow up with more frequent posts, but there is just not enough time in a day unfortunetly. But fear not! I will do my best to keep you up to date with mellow and chilled out tunes to soothe you soul!