May Playlist

Found quite a bit of goodies during the month of may. These are my top tracks for may month!

Id like to start with this track by Kid Ink that was remixed by Complexion. Its  “Show Me You Miss Me” it has been fiddled with a little bit and i quite like the uptempo version of it.

Keeping up with the House genre Ty $ has also gotten a little rework with his “Stand For” that has been messed around with by DJ Mustard. I like the original more, but i like this one as a turnt up version.

Next up i have a track by an artist i haven’t heard before who goes by the name Tarro. His remix of BlackbearGirls Like U” has hit me right in the feels and i advent been able to leave this track alone. Keeps going on repeat.

Kendrick Lamar is pretty known in the world of music, so i doubt he need my spotlight. But i love this rework from Moss Kena and i can’t get enough of it.

Last but not least i have a Moe Turk remix of the Arcade 82 track called “Drift Away” and thats exactly what i do when i listen to this track. It was perfect yesterday as i was cruising Oslo on the so called city bikes and just listening to this awesome track and drifted away.

Now, i could share more tracks. But i have it as a rule not to talk about the tracks that have been posted during the month in this summary of the month. This is just so that others get a chance to shine a little as well.

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