March playlist

March Playlist

This month has been a bit slow and there are several reasons for that. Mainly it has been due to me working a lot and hitting the gym a lot, and due to those two facts my music prowling has mainly been on Spotify. Whenever i do find cool tracks on Spotify i try and find them on SoundCloud as well since that is the best platform to share from on this blog. Haven’t been lucky finding all the tracks to be honest, and also most of the music i have found has been pretty high tempo for working out and not suited for this blog.

But i have found 15 tracks during the month or March and here i will share my favorites from SoundCloud.

First of i got this track by Meaku, its a mellowed out r&b track with perfect for some sweet Netflix and Chill called “All I See Is You“. Never really heard of Meaku but i do know what i like when i hear it and this is it. It kind of reminds me of a typical R. Kelly track like Bump and Grind.

Next up we got something more up beat and har hitting we got a transformation of Kanye’s Flashing Lights its a pretty solid makeover but you can definitely hear what song was the sample for this track by Point Point. The track is called “F+L” and i love the slowed down version with some bass added.

Half way there we have Lil Wayne with “Trouble” It is sad to say that Lil Wayne has become somewhat of a guilty pelssure of mine since i dont really like what he has been putting out after The Carter series. But i still have him as one of my favorite rappers, he was the one that got me to listen to rap. Anyway, here we have Trouble its basically Lil Wayne rapping some of his experiences during the hard times while he was making The Carter where he lost some people close to him.

Second to last we have PARTYNEXTDOOR featuring Drake and there is not one track that these two have made together that i dont like. So here we have a classic PND + Drake track called “Come and Se Me”

Last but not least we have Roy Woods with “How i Feel” and this track reminds me of something Genuine back in the day could have made. Roy Woods really has a great way to switch up his sound and vocals in the track to seem really mellow and full of emotions while at the same time sounding strong and his delivery is on point!

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