March 2014

Well, yet another month has passed. And it has been quite a musical one, and we hope to keep it that way for months, years to come.

The Month of march started of pretty quiet, and peacefull with Matt Corby’s – Brother (Kygo Remix).

Then it escalated a bit with the deep remix of Marvin Gaye’s – The Grapevine remixed by Arts and Lohr.

The month kept on giving us greatness in form of music, one of three songs we will remember the most is the beautifully remixed dancing by KRONO, originally made by Aaron Smith

Then to skip forward a bit in march, we came over the awesome Empire of the sun remix Alive by Gold Fields, this track is nr two of our personal favorites.

seeing as this post can literally go on for a few pages im going to keep it slightly short, and somewhat sweet. Our main track month has been Robin Schultz with Cheating, originally made famous by John Newman.

Since its a top three, and not a top four, i left one song out, which if if was a top four would be right up there, and its Henry Krinkle with “Stay”.

The entire playlist in shared underneath here, and we will make sure to make and own section with playlists, so that you don’t need to search for them.

March List:


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