Lorde – Yellow Flicker Beat (2nd Room Remix)

So i was recently on vacation in Albania. When we arrived to Saranda in Albania we had to get a rental car. Easy as it sounds it took a while to get a beast of a car.

The beast of a car we got was a 2014 Ford Focus with aircondition, so not so much a beast but a lifesaver. We realized while driving over to Dhermi that we had gotten some complementary CD’s in the car and they were packed with Albanian hits.

Needles to say the Albanian hits we could do without. But there was also a CD filled with “modern” music and this remix by Lorde.

This track soon became the soundtrack of our trip since every time we were heading out on the town this is what we warmed up to. This is a remix of Lorde’sYellow Flicker Beat” remixed by 2nd Room!

Here you have the Bass Boosted version because a track like this deserves a good oompfh!

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