June 2014

June has been a great month, summer has starting showing its colors, people are happier then usual finishing up with work deadlines and whatnot. And of course the happiness of knowing that vaykay is upon us!

June startet os pretty nice, with the love of my love i should say, Lana Del Rey the “West Coast” remix by Stint is just mesmerizing!

Keeping the chill out vibe we continue onwards with London Grammar and “Hey Now” remixed by Bassmelodie Deephouse Remix

Then we take an almost 180′ and go all hip hop on your behind with the release of Drake‘s” 0 to 100 / The catch Up“.

Then back to some chill out tunes, next up a song that made me remember the month of june the most, Tez Cadey with “Foster“. I damn near listened to this track in my sleep thats how well it soothes me!

Although i listend to alot of Tez Cadey, there is no playlist of mine without a Tep No song, no joke. “If You Only Knew” is pure deep house gold.

Coming to the end of June, realizing that im almost on my way to vaykay, but still have a lot of work to do to finish up my dayjob, Sn4tch really came to the rescue with his flip of “Make You Feel

Another a bit up beat track i have listend alot to is LAYLA with “Smokestacks” – Kirk Spencer remix, woop!

At the end of June i came across a name i have not heard about before, but im sure i will be listening to alot in the future, its Nicholas Basquiat <3 underneath you will only find one song of his, but there are 3 in the playlist, all are gold.

My favorite is his remix of AVIVAA‘s “XX


That does it for June, se you in July, and as always, full playlist underneath!


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