“Its A Cold World, So Fuck It, I’m A Cold Girl” – Young M.A

I have always had a hard time really digging female rappers. When i say rappers, i dont mean Nicki Minaj, she is utter garbage sorry to say. I really liked Eve when she was doing her thing with the Ruff Ryders back in the day, she was the only one that i felt really was on fire.

Nowdays i listen to Young M.A who is a hardcore rapper from New York City. Her approach is summed up by “Its A Cold World, So Fuck It I’m A Cold Girl”

That is a line from her introspective track “Through the Day” in which she raps about the murder of her brother. Which all in all is an awesome track of tragic events.

The track that really cought my attention from Young M.A was “Body Bag” that track goes so hard!

The track i have been listening the most lately is “OOOUU” which is just beast!


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