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Gary Jules – Mad World ( Mike Wit X PMP Remix)

It is a chill monday night and i am prowling SoundCloud for some decent tunes. So i came across this remix of Gary JulesMad World

The original track is just beautiful and has such a depth to it that its hard to put in to words. At least for me since I’m just just average dude listening to music. But i guess a music critic could word it for you.

Anyway, i came across this remix by Mike Wit and PMP. They have put the Tropical touch to it and made the track relevant again. I do like the original, but this remix also stirs some emotions in my body, emotions that are not all sad.

Here is the track and video that has been remixed:
[video_lightbox title=”Gary Jules – Mad World” video_url=”″] Gary Jules – Mad World

The original track belongs to “Tears for Fears”. Here is the video they made back in 1983 -[video_lightbox title=”Video” video_url=””] Video