February 2016

Been really busy this week and not able to push out as much as i usually do, but here are my pics for the month of February.

Been bumping this Flume tune featuring Vince Staples and Kučka called “Smoke And Retribution” really digging the bass knock in this track!

Cant forget BANKS featuring Shlohmo and the track called “Brain” just a mellowed out piece of dreamy vibes!

Another piece of dreamy music is ZHU’s new release called “In the Morning” which also is a bit more up tempo, but still the vocals are super dreamy and laid back!

Last for this month is a track called “Higher” by Kenyan Lonsdale with an amazing minimal beat but with such great atmosphere in it. I just can’t get enough. This track also embodies the dreaminess i mentioned in the other tracks above.


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