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Empire Of The Sun Release overdue 11-Track ‘Two Vines’ Album

Empire Of The Sun just released this new album called “Two Vines” which has been overdue for so long now.

The duo has always been dishing out these feel good track mixed with mellowed down hypnotic tunes. This album i no different packed with the tunes that will take you to the dreamy world of Empire Of The Sun.

Its been three years since their last release and the duo has this to say

“We’re just going deeper into paradise. Each record, you explore how much further you can go. We’re always talking about that unexplainable feeling of waking up on a long beach and the sun’s rising. You can hear the birds, and they’re talking to each other; talking about their plans of flying for the day and where they’ll go and have breakfast. The dolphins are swimming, and you hear the waves tickling each other as they land on the shore.” — Luke Steel, Empire of The Sun

Two Vines takes fans on an musical journey that has them experience the emotional highs and lows. The full album is available on Spotify <3

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