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DEV – Lowkey

I recenly posted about DEV, not really knowing who she is so i had to digg a little. I loved the track #1 and i wish to follow up with “Lowkey“.

Devin Star Tailes (born July 2, 1989), better known as DEV is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, model and radio host. She was discovered by the record label, Indie-Pop, and The Cataracs via Myspace after her friend Shane Crislip, posted her singing to some beats. Dev’s song “Booty Bounce” was sampled in Far East Movement’s hit single “Like a G6” which reached number 1 in the US, and sold over four million downloads in the country. (ty wikiepdia)

I knew i had heard of here somewhere before but i would never had guessed G6. Either way G6 was cool, i love the voicedistorted “Lowkey” and the new single “#1″. keep em coming!

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