December Playlist

So we have reached the end of the year and what a year it has been. This months playlist i filled with different but quality music, much mellow hip hop, bass heavy tracks and some weird tracks to top it off.

i can start if off with an artist and not a track. Im talking about IshDARR. His tracks are so chill and mellow which suits me pretty well towards the end of the year and this dark month. I love me some deep mellow tracks. The tracks i have in mind are.

Moving on we have a track i really enjoy and i kind of gets me in a happy and jolly mood for some reason. It is Diatonic
“Money to Spend” The track has to much audio effects, but never the less i do like it!

Getting a little bit back to the hip hop trend i found this track called “Henny” from MackWilds featuring French Montana and Mobb Deep which i just can’t do without. I kind of feels like a party joint, gets my steez running and jumping.

The next track is actually a track i listen to daily when i work out, it gets me really pumped! Have never heard of this artist before but sure did like this one track!

last but not least i have a flip of a track that we all know and love. Its Tove Lo with “Talking Body” which is flipped by Yung Wall Street

Thats what i have for December, hope you enjoy some of them at least 🙂

Thanks and have a happy New Year!