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DEV – Lowkey

11. November 2016

I recenly posted about DEV, not really knowing who she is so i had to digg a little. I loved the track #1 and i wish to follow up with ...

Caius – All of My Loving

25. July 2016

This is by far not a big website for music reviewing, but i do love the submissions i do get of music i otherwise would not find.  Have ...

Imagined Herbal Flows – Departure

13. July 2016

I just recently posted a track by Imagined Herbal Flows called “Clouds” But i totally neglected to post this track as well ...

Imagined Herbal Flows – Clouds

10. July 2016

Just love this track by Imagined Herbal Flows. It has been my go to track for almost everything imaginable. I have been listening to it ...

Ark Patrol

10. July 2016

Truly awesome track by Ark Patrol called “Sinner” I absolutely love it! Just been looping on my playlist lately. Cant ...

LeMarquis – Radar

18. May 2016

I have been slow with posting that deep house but I am on a patch to redeem myself. Here i have a track by LeMarquis that is a sample ...

Haywyre - Do You Don't You - So Soothe

Haywyre – Do You Don’t You

16. March 2016

I must admit i have been on a hip hop rampage lately just posting hip hop and neglected the sweet deep house and electronica genre. SO ...

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