casey veggies

Casey Veggies

The last few days i have been enjoying the music of of Casey Jones. Casey Jones is better known as Casey Veggies which is his stage name.

The 23 year old hip hop artist from Inglewood and he makes that music that reminds me of why i really enjoy hip hop as much as i do. I could say that he reminds me somewhat of Kendrick Lamar, J Cole and many more but Casey has something that i cant put my finger on to distance him self from such comparisons.

The album Life Changes is the one i have been enjoying the most lately. It includes tracks like “Life Changes” “I Love Me Some You” & the first track i heard of Casey “She In My Car” which are right up my alley

His newest album Live and Grow i haven’t really have had the chance yet to study and listen to that much so i will not go in depth on it. But i know that “Backflip” is really good.

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