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Caius – Without You

Back in June 2015 i posted a track by Caius called “Things Gonna Be Okay” i also in October featured another song of his called “Make u Mine” both these contain everything this site is about. Check em out below!


I can happily announce that Caius has not forgotten about this little site and sent me a little new goodie that I’m happy to post!

Track is called “Without You” and I already love it for multiple reasons. First of it is good, and has all the elements I love in electronic music. The deep bass, mellowness and it is downright laid-back!

As an extra bonus I’m happy that this is a sample of Ashanti’s “Foolish” I love me some music from the RnB goddess and it helps that she is / was involved with Murder Inc when that was a thing, i just loved Ja Rule, Irv Gotti, Lloyd, Vita, Black Child, Cadillac Tah and of course Chink Santana! Yea i really enjoyed all the music this crew produced back in the day.

To this track from Caius i love for several reasons, hope you do the same! Be sure to follow Caius on his social media, links below!