Bearoid – SLEEP EP

Daniel Belenguer aka Bearoid is a musical craftsman from Valencia.

He writes music with his laptop and he writes lyrics that he then sings on top. You could say that he make electronic pop, although the best way to locate it in the mental library is to have a listen.

Bearoid is a project result of the experimentation, of the search of freedom. It’s a bedroom and train travelling project. Where reality is based on low lights, four walls and a bed or landscapes at 200km/h surrounded by close strangers

As he says “Bearoid is my reflection, my avatar when it comes to explore harmonies and my disguise when I get on stage”

SLEEP is Bearoid’s debut EP

The four songs of the EP are related to four recurrent themes in the dreams and nightmares he had during the day: the distance, the journey, the encounter and the memory.

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