SAP Rocky x Cinematic Orchestra x Swv - Phoenix Kill Them With Colour Remix
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ASAP Rocky x Cinematic Orchestra x Swv – Phoenix (Kill Them With Colour Remix)

There are many songs that i love, few i cherish, but only a handful that i really hold close to my heart. A track that always somehow is able to make the world stop around me and remind me about how fortunate i am for all the things i have in life and the things to come. This especially weighs heavier when one is a refuge from a war-worn nation that never truly has recovered even after 20+ years.

The feeling of never really belonging and having you birthplace laid to waste by war and conflict is everlasting, but great memories still are present like this picture i took at a young age just above the house my grandfather build with his two hands in a village in Travnik called Jezerci and probably the only place i will ever feel at home. 2012-08-28 13.50.42 HDR

But in fear of diverting to much from the course, the song i have in mind is The Cinematic Orchestra – ‘To Build A Home‘ [video_embed url=””] This is a song that many relate to, no doubt and no wonder.

But, this post is a great example of how you can have something you love, cherish and hold close to heart all in one embeded SoundCloud link. I have really these past days been enjoying the music of Kill Them With Colour and especially when i heard this twist of three songs i enjoy put together to one.

Now if you are not familiar with all the tracks in this mashup, ill help you out, you have

Sisters With Voice – Weak from the 90’s
A$ap Rocky – Phoenix 
The Cinematic Orchestra – To Build A Home