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April Playlist

In the month of April i have been getting a little bit back to what So Soothe used to be. Meaning the site has been more chill out oriented wishing the genres deep house and electronic music. This not to say this months playlist is all about those two genres, but there is more the there has been lately.

So lets get into it

I have really enjoyed this track by Ryan Hoyt called “Mississippi Moscato” its like many other posts on this site by unknown artist, Ryan just blew me away with this chilled out track. It has a dope beat with some pretty decent lyrics definitely something i can escape into and chill out with

Moving on away from the chilled out hip hop tracks we have one of my favourites Kav Verhouzer with a funky up beat track called “People”. This is typically a track that i fade away into and imagine what I’m going to be doing this summer with my friends and whatnot. Just have that great summer vibe and feel to it. This track features LarryKoek and Entrpnr!

Keeping up with the more up beat theme i got a dope ass track from Baauer that is remixed by KRNE that features Kung FuPusha T and Future. The track has Pusha T kicking some dope lyrics and we have Future doing his regular thing on the hook making it impossible to understand but somehow appealing and dope AF.

Now this next track you have probably head before, I’m sure. But I don’t really care because I can’t get enough of it lately. It’s The Him with “Feels Like Home” featuring Son Mieux and i just love the crazy beat in the hook of this song, just feels so wrong but right at the same time.

Moving on to the more “hood” side of So Soothe we got “Rambo” with Bryson Tiller and The Weeknd both going in and doing their thing.

Last but not least i have one from Young Thug called “Power” but I’m not sure if its a track from Young Thug or a remix / mashup of some sort. All i know is that its a chilled out track with a decent beat and some nice Young Thug vocals.

Thats it for the month of April, i have merged a little to Spotify lately so i try and find all the tunes on SoundCloud but not everything is available there so some tracks don’t get to be a part of the playlist. But i will keep trying to get a jam packed playlist every month nevertheless. The whole playlist is available in the right sidebar.

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