April 2014

Booom! Yet another month has passed. And if i may say so myself it has been a good one in all the ways possible.

First off Years & Years got us feeling good with Real The song is awesome and has a pretty neat video too!

Closely followed after the discovery of “Real“. We came across the song i have listened to the most in the month of april. And its Tropical Chaos featuring Loumar named Leaving Train.

This post is going to be entirely to long. There are to many song to mention. But lets keep it going and see where we end up.

Now we take a turn over to the a little more relaxed tunes, first of we have Shy Girls with When i Say i Love U remixed by Saux

Closely following Shy Girls we have Mansionair, with the super calming Hold me down featuring Revier

After this i fell in love with the talented Alice Jemima, her cover of No Diggity is just pure gold.

Following the trend of relaxing and calming music, we found Sango’s – Beautiful Wife or Middle of things featuring SPZRKT. Which is needles to say, superb.

Damn, thats alot of good music. Can you keep up? because Tourist featuring Will Heard Can’t keep up. Here with his remarkable I Cant Keep Up

The we get a little funky, starting it off with some Gooey‘ness from Wild Culture. This song is truly amazing.

Keeping it roolling we have AlunaGeorge & Tchami. And they sure do know that we like it.

Next up we have RAC making Lana Del Rey’s Blue Jeans dancing all night!

And speaking of dancing, we have Tove Lo’s Habbits remixed by Hippie Sabotage to show us all in their video how it is to be an attractive young female out on the town. Super nice song!

Since Tove Lo is Swedish, we took a little trip over to Norway, more specific Trondheim to check up on some sound from Loveless and Sigrid Raabe. We were not disappointed, their Two Fish is just freaking psychedelic!

Then we just took flight with MAM or Miguel Campbell & Matt Hughes with the funky I Can Fly <3

And while in the sky flying, we came over an angel. And its none other than Sam Smith. This dude. I have no words, his voice is just amazing. The original is perfect, but i still prefer Salutes take on Money On My Mind, the middle parts with that deep bass are just sublime.

Damn, this post is long. LAST but certainly not least, i came across Gigamesh’s remix of Thrill Me by Junior Jack. Funky perfection baby!

And the full playlist.




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