Best tracks of 2015 – So Soothe edition

I have all year been putting tracks that i find to have that something little extra into a private playlist. And over the year i have managed to get 80 tracks in that playlist.

Now i am not going to talk about every son individually like i usually do with what i was doing or feeling when i found the track. If i did that this post would be way to long and take an awful long time to write. So yea, not going for that 🙂

I have not sorted the playlist in any special manner i have just put tracks into it as i go. These 80 tracks have been with me through the year and have all been in one way or another a big part of all the experiences i have had through out the year.

Listening to the tracks now gives me some pretty cool flashbacks and emotions which is so priceless. The tracks are awesome just like the artists that have put them together. I don’t really know what else to say other than enjoy them as much as i have. And happy new year!